Orange Lab, INC.

We create products we know our clients will love to use – products that will make them feel great. Creative Idea. Innovative Technology.Quality You Can Trust.Orange Lab.

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Who We Are

We earned our OTC stage in the cosmetics R&D
and manufacturing industry by living out our values of innovation, quality, and trust.
Using advanced technology and exceptional quality control,
we provide a wide variety of excellent services for our clients around the globe.We love a challenge. Our excellent R&D dedication tohigh-quality service will grow with our clients.

Our Mission

By maximizing customer satisfaction through innovative R&D and
high-quality manufacturing, Orange Lab will continue to be a leader
in-cosmetics development in the world.Every business decision we make and implement is based on our core values:CREATIVE, QUALITY, and TRUST. These values are poured into every safe, stable, and effective product we manufacture.

CEO Message

We have one goal

To provide you with the best customer service experience as we bring your beauty concepts to the marketplace. Orange Lab is a leader in developing and manufacturing OTC products for the personal care industry.

Since Orange Lab’s establishment in 2012, Our dedication to innovative research, high-quality manufacturing, and transparent relationships has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner for every size and level of hair care, cosmetic: independents, prestige, or mass market brands.

Our team will continue to provide the best customer service in the global cosmetics industry. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best Regards,

President and CEO